Web Media Daily – Sunday June 14, 2009

by Gregg on June 14, 2009

Social Media, Marketing, PR

Nimitz Blogger Embark: Intro Links

…Charlene Li

SEO for WordPress Blogs

…Marketing Pilgrim


…NY Post      I’m taking this one with more than one grain of salt!

How iPhone shapes social media

…Social Media Today

Why Twitter is better for Classifieds than Craigslist

…Social Media Today

Bravo, Seth Godin, Bravo!

…s.m.o.g. talk

Twitter gives CNN a smack of reality


How one man beat the Facebook vanity clock

…CNet News

For TechCrunch, Twitter = Traffic (A Statistical Breakdown)


5 Ways to ‘Systemize’ your Blogging


How to Reach 97 Million Americans – Lou Bortone’s Video Tip

…Business Blogs

Cluetrain Chugs Again

…Doc Searls

Follow Friday Soup


Gary Vaynerchuk’s Bad Pitch Letter

…Social Media Today      Even the pros get it wrong sometimes!

The marketing myth of “free” social media


The Tweet Smell of Success

…NY Times

Do Facebook Vanity URLs Equals Kill Twitter Vol. 2?


AMEC Measurement Summit – The essence

…PR Measurement in Germany    Some very good points on measuring PR efforts

Brands Realise the Potential of Video on Social Networks According …

…PR Web

Top 10 Social Media Stories of the Week


Twitter search results are more useful in a spreadsheet

…JR says

Social Media Goo: Cadbury Campaign Going Viral


Social Media Marketing – 10 Easy Steps

…The Buzz Builder


One Man’s Answer to the iPhone 3G S Surcharge

…OmMalik on Broadband


Google Voice’s Secret Weapon: Number Portability


Getting My Data from Anywhere

…Web Worker Daily

Microsoft Stops Paying For Employees’ iPhones

…Silicon Alley Insider         No more Blackberrys, PalmPres,etc. WindowsMobile only. Guess now we’ll see if “you’ll have to pay me to use it” works.

A Twitter Client For the Commodore 64


Microeconomics of the Consumer Web

…OmMalik on Broadband

800,000 callers phone digital TV hot line (AP)

…Yahoo News

Journalism, Newspapers, Magazines, Writing

Words win


Wrong Questions – Quotes To Inspire Writers

…About Freelance Writing

How to Format a Manuscript – An Ask Anne Video For Writers

…About Freelance Writing

The r”evolution” marches on. Hyperlocal comes to video in Bangor, Maine


Business, Finance, Money

Venture Capital Industry Pushes Legislation to Hijack Federal Small Business Programs, According to the American Small Business League

…PRSafe Newswire

Medicine, Health

Obama Health Reform and the Sunday New York Times

…medinnovation blog

How should Oprah handle medical issues?

…Kevin, M.D.

Swine Flu Vaccine In Production

…Slashdot Science

Scientists Wonder What Fingerprints Are For


5 top medical comments, June 14th 2009

The Right to Share

…Healthcare Blog

…Kevin, M.D.


Recharging and life balance/


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