Another Newspaper offers an API

by Gregg on March 10, 2009


My RSS feedreader is overflowing with stories of The Guardian opening up access to their content through APIs. (Application Programming Interface if you’re not familiar with the term.) This makes them the fourth news organization to do so (the BBC, NPR and the NY Times are the others).

Jeff Jarvis thinks that “… APIs take distribution to its logical – if unknown and sometimes frightening – limit.” And Read Write Web proclaims “Newspaper as a Platform: Guardian Launches API”. The idea of newspaper as a platform is one that fits nicely with Jarvis’ advice to “Be A Platform” in his recent book, What Would Google Do?

This is going to be fun to see what kind of mashups, or better still what kind of things we haven’t even seen yet, emerge from people working with those APIs.

(Photo credit: DN Journal)

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