by Gregg on September 30, 2009

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Culled from Chris Brogan’s talk at New Media Atlanta. Hope they resonate for you too.

“Always confront the things you’re afraid of head on.”

“There’s always truth in snark, in the negative. Only problem is the negative doesn’t tell you how to fix it.”

“I look for patterns. I like to break them. I like to do different things.”

“There’s a whole new type of programming going on and it’s with human code.”

“I don’t ask Google things anymore. I ask Twitter.”

“If bacon has a god, it’s at the Roger Smith hotel.”

“They make you feel like somebody. When was the last time a brand did that for you? As opposed to somebody who bought something?”

“Don’t we talk about the things that make us feel good?”

“If you’re not spending your time re-thinking that marketing is also customer service then step back 3 steps.”

“Who is managing their social presence? (a very big brand he’s talking about here) 50% of one person and three interns.”

“A very expensive brand to be throwing to a bunch of interns don’t you think?”

“You should put an $80K to $100K person on the line. That person should know that they are totally on the edge of a limb about to break if they don’t make nice in the social world.”

“One f-up and how much will it cost then to fix it? My guess is a little mote than half a person and 3 interns.”

“I know you have to find the money from somewhere but is that any less important than some of the software you’re buying?”

“Take one day and don’t put an ad in USA Today and go spend that money on an employee.”

“What you should be figuring out on these systems is how do you get responses? How do you get people to care?”

“Simple Twitter trick. Spend 12 times the time talking about other people’s stuff and not your own.”

“Hey look at them. Not at me, them. the prettiest girl in the room never says, ‘hey, look at me’.”

“Give people something useful that is not an advertisement for your dumb stuff.”

“I’ve made one ask in 10 years.”

“Give me 3 months to move the needle.”

“Stats and White Papers, ass coverings basically, little pants for your ass.”

Do any of those resonate with you too? Does it seem to you that it’s all about putting people and humanity back in brands?