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by Gregg on May 1, 2010

Books from our latest publishing partner — Chronicle Books, on sale now until Sunday night.

The fine folks at Jackson Fish Market have been busy.

“On the heels of adding over 25 books last week, we’re thrilled to add five more high quality children’s picture books to our growing catalog here on A Story Before Bed. Chronicle Books is well known for creating very high quality children’s picture books and the first five are no exceptions.”

Two new videos about A Story Before Bed for your viewing pleasure.

“We’ve been busy here on the Jackson Fish Market back lot shooting some new videos to help people understand and get excited about A Story Before Bed. The second is a little more in-depth look at the features of the site along with an example of a recorded story.”

On the gaming front…

Quote from super-producer Jerry Bruckheimer, he of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Bad Boys’ and now ‘Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time’ fame has shared his thoughts on gaming as he promotes his swords and sorcery flick.

Speaking to, he says, “I believe in the next 10 years youwon’t be able to tell the difference between movies and games. Games will be so realistic. They are a form of storytelling and we love to tell stories inmovies and on television.”

Are Sportswriters Really Necessary?

“Below are the opening lines of three stories written about a recent college baseball game. Two are from schools’ sports information departments. The other was produced by software that takes box scores and spits out news articles. Which one was done by machine?”

Sorry dude, I guessed which one was machine generated just by a quick look at the descriptive words. Interesting software, but you’ve got a ways to go before you can thread narrative like humans can. Biggest difference I see? The software builds the narrative from the box score. The humans use narrative to tell how the box score came to be.

Our view: Improve Utica by changing the mindset

“It’s about creating a more positive narrative for Utica,” Maria Hook said in describing how the city can best reach its potential.

There you go. Reinvention through a new story, a new narrative.

Storytelling is Motion

This is a really nice post.

“I’m telling you this story now because I told Shane Rich about it this afternoon. We had a photo shoot and talked storytelling. The power of telling a story through, in his case, images. In my case, words. We talked about the hours involved in imagining the shoot, then conducting the shoot. Then editing the photos and blogging about the whole thing. It’s a laborious process, storytelling. A labor of love. ”

3 Benefits to Incorporating Storytelling in Your Leadership Resume

Dr. Kathy Hansen has been saying this for some time. And not just for leaders.

“Storytelling is what differentiates an executive portfolio from a mid-career resume—separating your qualifications from the pack, so to speak. Therefore, your resume will need to describe each of your professional successes in crisp, clear detail.”

MindManager Ignites Client and Business Success at Sheffield Marketing Partners

Yes, it’s a ‘salesy’ press release kind of thing, but it’s such a great piece of software I figured I’d throw it into the mix in case you weren’t familiar with it. It really is a terrific tool for narrative and story.

“Sheffield Marketing Partners selected Mindjet MindManager to capture and aggregate, in real-time, the messaging created during Narrative Mapping sessions. MindManager enables Sheffield Marketing Partners to share messaging in an intuitive format that visually displays connections between messaging components and ensures that clients immediately understand the reasons why it has been developed.”

Natural storytelling III – The authorities of story

Cynthia Kurtz is a goddess of storytelling. If you don’t follow her writing and thinking you might want to consider doing so.

“The authorities in the story world, the keepers of the hierarchy, have always managed the official stories and decided what was a story and what was not. Several hundred years ago these were the church, the state, and those people dedicated to traditional storytelling roles — traveling bards, novelists, playwrights. Story authorities then made the same claims as they do today: that their stories were qualified to be official stories, and others were not. That much has not changed. The very act of writing down texts like the Illiad was a crystallization of oral traditions, whose effect (even if not the sole intention) was to legitimize some stories and deligitimize others.”

Making children with literature

A very nice program from the BBC.

“Grandparents and parents telling bedtime stories are among the memories most of us carry through adulthood. Stories, unlike toys, cost no money and can germinate on the tongue of the storyteller, or in the deep recesses of common memory and legend. The stories we heard stirred our childish imaginations, gave wings to a thousand fantasies, instilled precepts of right and wrong, and even embedded prejudices into our subconscious. But not all children can take this seemingly universal childhood memory for granted.”

Are Storytellers The Best Programmers?

That guy in me who spent 27 years in the software business likes this one.

“As for learning how to code, I think good storytellers make the best programmers. I used to freak prospective employees out by having them write a story for me instead of the “what’s wrong with this code?” tests. But it showed me who was able to think well, organized, creatively, and filled in the details.”

Blues star to open Storytelling Live!

“Living legend Roy Book Binder, a musician who was recently ranked alongside Neil Young and Eric Clapton by Acoustic Guitar magazine, will open this year’s Storytelling Live! season. He’ll be first in a lineup that features some of the storytelling circuit’s top tellers.

The popular performer is known for his music in most circles, but Jonesborough embraced him as a storyteller back in 1999, the first time he was a featured teller at the National Storytelling Festival.”

Your Life as Story:
Writing Narrative Non Fiction

“When “Selfish” is Good for the Memoirist (A two-part column, continuing in June 2010)”

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