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by Gregg on November 14, 2010

A curation of story, storytelling and narrative.

The Best of Story Talk on Twitter

There were too many to show on this page. You can find the rest here:
More of The Best of Story Talk on Twitter 11/14/2010

The materials of storytelling – Plot I – Limor’s Storytelling Agora

The future of storytelling for brands is about ‘US’ – Limor’s Storytelling Agora

Narrative space – storytelling for brands who understand ‘Us’ – part I – Limor’s Storytelling Agora

Narrative space – storytelling for brands who understand ‘Us’ – part II – Limor’s Storytelling Agora

“The Digital Narrative” at Emily Carr explores storytelling in the digital age

Stories Create Emotion and Connections –

Those who tell the story, rule the world

7Scenes – Augmented Reality Authoring for Digital Storytelling

100 Interviews

Storytelling for Interaction Design and Engaging User Experiences


Falling Whistles – A Campaign for Peace in Congo

Newtons Fable for iPad – a new genre of music-driven storytelling

Teach Story – Essential Question of Digital Storytelling

Six Word Stories

“Guess you had to be there.” Avoid Bad Storytelling : Darren LaCroix


StoryJumper: publish your own children’s book.

People and stories — Part II – Writelife

21st Century Storytelling: Joyce Valenza RULES! – Bowllan’s Blog

This Is An Art: Storytelling Exercise: Dwarf Story, Part 1: Into the Tunnel

What Could the Xbox Kinect Mean for the Future of Storytelling? – NoFilmSchool

The Art of Storytelling – Nicky Kriel

Where will your students’ stories take you?

NSTA – Imagine That: The Power of Science Fiction in Science Education

A Return To Storytelling Fundamentals – New Breed

Smories – new stories for children, read by children

Telling Startup Stories With Data


Storytelling today – A day late and a dollar short

Making a Ruckus With Big-Name Mobile Storytelling – GeekDad –

The Art of Storytelling – Introverted Words

Q&A with a Story Guru: Nancy Duarte: Great Presenters Engage Audience with Rapt Attention the Same Way a Storyteller Does – A Storied Career

Q&A with a Story Guru: Nancy Duarte: Story Creates the Connection People Crave – A Storied Career

Norman Kunc uses storytelling to engage youth, promote inclusion

Digital Storytelling Planning – Fusion Finds

Haverford College News Room : The Listening Project

The art of storytelling

The story and the strategy – learn.logic

Storytelling to Build Brand Loyalty – Sazbean

Innovation for storytelling: new patterns, erstwhile imaginary, creative business models

The Verbal Journey – Martin King – Story Teller

Storytelling As A Leadership Tool

On Winning a 2010 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award – NeuroTribes

Story Bleed

Why Companies Need to F-R-E-E Their Case Studies – Stories That Sell

3:17 a.m.: Ras: Let Us Now Praise Meandering Writers

Below the Fold: Digital Storytelling and the Rise of “Layered Narrative”

Business Storytelling: B2B Social Media Marketing Advice from Greenough Client Virtusa Featured on Mashable

permanent beta – Roger Schank on storytelling and learning

Augmented Reality – Culture Hacker

An Homage to Pantsing

WordWrite Storytelling Blog – Why You Should Pursue Media Relationships Like You Would Any Other Relationship

Two Fingers of Branding, Neat – Experiate

Incredible Lightness of Storytelling – Story Bleed Magazine

The Write Word – Write As Though There’s No Tomorrow

BBC – Beyond the Blitz: 70 stories for 70 years

Are you Luke or Yoda? – queer ideas

Incorporating Storytelling in Healthcare

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