The Week in Storytelling Mar. 12, 2010

by Gregg on March 12, 2010

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There was a lot of storytelling talk this week as you’ll see from the number of entries. Maybe we are slowly but surely, approaching Rolf Jensen’s Dream Society, “a new society in which businesses, communities, and people as individuals will thrive on the basis of their stories, not just on data and information.”

Story University
Michael Margolis, author of Believe Me and who blogs at Get Storied, just finished his first 4 week telecourse and from the tweets I’ve seen, it was wonderfully successful. This will give you an idea Twitter / Carol Mcleod: Getting ready for the final …

NYT’s Bits Blogger on Digital Storytelling — CINER-G
“New technologies and a culture of media multitasking have brought forth “a new generation of how we’re communicating and telling stories”.

Storied Personal Branding Makes New Strides – A Storied Career
Kathy Hansen (a hero of mine if you’re just joining us) talks about Brazen Careerist’s new service, Social Resume and the Web Worker Daily 3 part series on storytelling and branding that ran this week. Links to both of those follow this.

Use Storytelling Techniques in Personal Branding: Characterization – WebWorkerDaily
Georgina Laidlaw did a wonderful job with these this week. This one will link you to the other two in the series.

Social Resume
I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops over time. Penelope Trunk and Ryan Healy run Brazen Careerist. Ryan is the son of a woman I went to high school with. Small world.

7 Year-Old In California Hailed a Hero – ABC News
Real life heroes are the best kind!

Ishmael’s Corner » The Economist Showcases the Anecdote as an Art Form
Lou Hoffman talks about PopTarts, The Economist and storytelling.

The Case Study Ask: Five Things Your Customer Needs to Know
Casey Hibbard blogs and writes at Stories That Sell. She shares her awesome knowledge of telling and writing customer stories and testimonials.

Steve’s HR Technology – Journal – Telling Stories with Technology
Steve Boese writes about letting people share their story when interacting with technology.

Creating Community One Story at a Time
Penelope Starr writes a wonderful blog about storytelling in the Tucson area.

Anecdote: Research shows that stories create personal motivation and increase productivity
This post and the next one are from Anecdote: Putting Stories to Work. I believe they’re in Australia. I’ve enjoyed discovering and reading their posts.

Anecdote: Endings are important for how we remember experiences

SenseMaker™ Collector
You’ll just have to experience this one.

Brendan Nolan
I’ve been a fan of Brendan’s for a while now. He’s a writer and storyteller and, he looks great in his cowboy hat.

Zen Films: Developing a Transmedia Project: My Approach Part 1
I am fascinated with Transmedia for storytelling.

I am a big fan of using personas to help with business and brand storytelling. This is a post about personas developed for the ÆGIS project.

Three Reasons Why Storytelling is the Key to Social Media Marketing Success | 2020 Social: Because Business is Social
This is a post from back in December by Gaurav Mishra. People keep tweeting links to it so I thought I’d include it case you haven’t read it.

What Is Storytelling Without Relationships? – A Storied Career
This is a great post from Kathy Hansen. Stories are all about connecting aren’t they?

James Shelley | Inventing a Planet » Choose Your Own Adventure
James Shelley talks about stories and decisions.

Framework for a Strengths-Based Society « emergent by design
Venessa Miemis is one of my favorite futurists. This post isn’t about storytelling directly but if you read it I think you’ll see why I’ve included it. Like a lot of great blog posts, the comment section is well worth reading.

How to Draw Noir Comics: The Art and Technique of Visual Storytelling « Review « Book Store
This is a terrific resource for visual storytelling.

Breaking News: Golden Fleece Conference Agenda Now Online – A Storied Career
Kathy Hansen points us toward the Golden Fleece Conference Agenda. The link for it is below this. Looks like it’s going to be terrific!

GF Story Conference » Agenda

What Star Wars Can Teach You about Inbound Marketing
A lesson in business storytelling from the fine folks at HubSpot.

YouTube – NPR’s Scott Simon: How to Tell a Story
This has been around for a bit but it’s still as good as the day it was posted.

Simple, Social, and Snazzy Storytelling with Storybird
A collaborative online storytelling tool for families, friends, teachers, and students.

14 Visually Stunning Animated Infographics
Using animated inforgrahics for storytelling.

The Power of Great Story-Telling «
Jeff Ogden shares an experience where storytelling where storytelling would have served him well.

Celebrate Your Developers: a Lesson From Mobypicture
A lesson in how to tell employee stories.

National Storytelling Festival – Jonesborough, TN
Are you going?

Want to have a brand that sticks? Give it a good story. :: Ventureneer ::
A webinar next Wednesday, Mar. 17, 2010 from Ventureneer. Looks like it will be good.

It’s all about the experience
Maybe it’s the ‘stories’ we tell ourselves about the experiences?

The Next Big Technology | Big Think
The “Heroes” creator is most fascinated by technology that allows us to immerse ourselves in narrative worlds—and make our own world a better place.

Corporate Storytelling: What we can learn about storytelling from the Oscars
James Frey at Corporate Storytelling talks about some lessons learned from watching.

Story Takes Center Stage at Oscars – A Storied Career
Kathy Hansen shares some interesting insights.

ASICS: The Stop Motion Origami Brand Story | Digital Buzz Blog
“This is an awe inspiring stop motion piece created with origami (and a little CGI) to help tell the ASICS brand story to the world in memory of company founder Kihachiro Onitsuka.”

outrageous or blarney Story Slam! MAR 2010 – massmouth The Power of Story
Not familiar with story slams? Read this and you won’t be in the dark any longer. » Reaching you online audience: The curious case of E-850
Good lesson on reaching your online audience.

The Future of Social Networks is Storytelling Part 2 | Institute For The Future
Part two of Anthony Townsend’s look into social networks and storytelling. A really great series.

Tips : Third Sector Connector : Nonprofit and NGO Tips, News, Best Practices, Resources
Engage the community (and potential funders) through storytelling: 8 tips

PR for Startups | Igniting Startups – nPost
At the end of the day..fabulous storytelling solves 75% of your PR problems.

Consumers Seek Brand Meaning, Will Still Buy on Impulse – MediaBuyerPlanner
A look at some of the personas businesses and brands will be engaging.
A new storyteller that I discovered in my backyard (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill).

Vistas: Walk-in-the-Forest by Diane Obomsawin – NFB
Animation and storytelling.

Are Brands Static? Are Static Brands Storied? Are Storied Brands Static? – A Storied Career
A very thoughtful post from Kathy Hansen on brands and branding, business and personal.

Permanent Entry: What Story Practitioners are Tweeting – A Storied Career
This is a neat Twitter widget that Kathy Hansen has hooked up to storytellers on her blog. I might just have to go looking for this.

Learn Storytelling Ebook Training Manual Instant Download Public Speaking Workbook and Storytelling Techniques.
This is The Storyteller Sean Buvala’s storytelling training kit.

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