Web Media Daily – Friday June 12, 2009

by Gregg on June 12, 2009

Social Media, Marketing, PR

Social networks as information filters

…Social Media Today

Why influencers matter for customer retention

…Social Media Today

Facebook Comments On Generic Page Feeds Being Disabled

…All Facebook

Be Your Own Frugal PR Machine

…Web Worker Daily

Company Decisions + Social Media = PR Nightmare


Boosting Loyalty By Integrating Social and CRM

…Social Media Today

Customers are talking: Dell acts on Twitter product feedback

…Social Media Today

Rumor: Facebook to “Undo” Twitter-like Homepage


Twitpocalypse NOW! Twitter App Armageddon Strikes (Maybe)


Rocking social media on Road Trip 2009

…CNet News

5 Habits of Successful Executives on Twitter


Personal Branding


Social Media ROI: Dell’s $3m on Twitter and Four Better Examples


HOW TO: Get Your Social Media Story Featured on Mashable


Three Great Tools for Internet Marketing

…Search Engine Journal

Facebook Could Help Oust Ahmandinejad From Iran

…All Facebook

All Hell May Break Loose On Twitter In 2 Hours


This week’s most clicked

…Smart Blog on Social Media     Some good stories.

Your branding shouldn’t give customers a headache

…37 Signals

Blog Standard – How to do it

…Microsoft Weblogs

“Share Song” Let’s You Give Your Facebook Friends Something To Groove To

…All Facebook

Flickr Tests Twitter Integration With Email Uploads


The Microphone Is Always On

…Social Media Today

Organizational Social Relationship Models and Strategies

…Social Media Today

75,000 Twitter users in Sweden

…Social Media Today    PDF version of report available.

Making sure your profile is job-hunt ready

…WSJ Blogs

When social media collides with free speech concerns


The value of emotional value

…Smart Blog on Social Media   I would say this applies to story telling as well. What greater emotional connection?

SocialToo adds Analytics Layer to Facebook Vanity URLs

…Inquisitir   This is going to be very handy.

European Social Media Marketing? Alive and Kicking!

…Forrester’s Marketing Blog

How to Improve Your Blog When You Have No Internet Access


Why we love online video


5 Things Sesame Street Can Teach You About Breakthrough Blogging


Obayoo: Silly Name, Serious Enterprise Microblogging


Facebook’s Fatal Error

…The Daily Beast

The 6th P of social media.


Q&A: Pete Cashmore of Mashable on social media and blogging


Q&A: Steve Snyder of Frontier Airlines on the challenges of social media


A users’ guide to personalizing your Facebook URL

…CNet News

Social Networking Profiles That Stand Out


Use Video on Your Blog to Entertain Your Audience

…Business Blogs

Bing continues to surprise, drives traffic to blogs

…Inquisitir     Your mileage may vary.

Twitter WAS A Cocktail Party

…TwiTip    Note, WAS as opposed to the last few days, IS.

Conversation SCMQ13: Social or Socialism

…Social Media Club    If you’re in Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill, you’ll be at WordCamp RDU. Otherwise, you might want to call and join the fun.

HR and Our Social Media Due Diligence


Diversity and social media


The Winning Way: an eBook Review


Student Marketing Company Introduces Social Media Marketing …


Interesting stats on Twitter Usage

KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog

Twitter Sells $3 Million Of Computers For Dell

…Silicon Alley Insider    Another way to look at it: $2 per follower. Maybe it is all about the number of followers?

What Social Media Isn’t

…Social Media Explorer

WordPress 2.8 released, but you shouldn’t install it yet

…Inquisitir    FWIW, my upgrade to it and Thesis 1.5.1 went flawlessly last night.

Meebo Updates Connect Social Networks with IM and Real Time Community Sharing

…The Inquisitir

Five reasons why your business/social media conference sucks

…Social Media Today

Twitter Starts Verifying Accounts Without Actually Verifying Them

…TechCrunch    Maybe not.

Twitter Launches Verified Accounts

…Mashable    Phase One kicking in?

Making Millions via Twitter: @DellOutlet Surpasses $2 Million in Sales

…Mashable    Remember now, all the sage advice, you can’t make money from Twitter

Creepy If You Do, Clueless If You Don’t

…Social Media Today

Facebook Starts Disabling Status Updates For Generic Facebook Pages

…All Facebook

Twitter User Spamming Himself Crazy


How big is your farm?

…Seth Godin


New study shows iPhone users to be in a class by themselves

…Apple Insider          Guess I’m going to have to give mine up!

Sorry, Apple’s Price Cuts Won’t Save Its Sputtering Mac Business

…Silicon Alley Insider

Wolfram Alpha Comes to iPhone


Bugs & Fixes: Fixes for iLife problems


Change the colors for BBEdit’s Invisibles feature


Apple Fires Jonathan Ive, Hires Michel Gondry, Revolutionizes Computing With Arts and Crafts [IPhone]

…Gizmodo    Too funny!

Browser Wars Continue: Apple Claims 11 Million Downloads For New Safari In 3 Days


Google iGadget for iPhone, Android Gets a New Version

…Search Engine Journal

Don’t Worry, You Won’t Have To Wait In A 5-Hour iPhone Line

…Silicon Alley Insider


Google Wave Questions and Answers [Google Wave]


Rip: A Next Generation Ruby Packaging System – Watch Out RubyGems!

…Ruby Inside

Hunch Launches Monday – But It Already Knows All About You


Jamie Pittock of ErskineLabs: “Basecamp’s beauty is its simplicity”

…37 Signals

Sorry, There’s No Way To Save The TV Business

…Silicon Alley Insider

Will Dell Buy Palm?

…Sound Money Tips    Good rumor for the day!

Today we all become digital


Cisco-Duke Deal: Expect Linksys Home-Energy Gear


Google’s Grab for the Display Ad Market


Next Week, Opera Claims It Will “Reinvent The Web”


Numbers Show Bing Attracts Trial Users Only

…Search Engine Journal

AOL Buys Patch and Going Local Services

…Search Engine Journal    Local is where it’s at.

WizeHive Shaping Up To Become A Powerful Collaboration Tool


Developing Search Friendly Applications

…Programmable Web

Thing Labs: We Had Plinky, Now We Have The Brain — And It Uses Twitter


Copyright Infringement Requires A Lot More Than Vague Similarities


Google Reader Co-Founder Announces New Mystery Project


Palm Pixie Is Real, But May Never Come To Market


Flowgram Was Cool. Now It’s Dead


Free Anonymous BitTorrent Becomes Reality With BitBlinder


The Big Fat RSS Lie

…Graywolf’s SEO Blog

Journalism, Newspapers, Magazines, Writing

Summertime, and the Livin’ Is Easy, part II

…Word Wise

What Does it Mean to Work Smarter, Not Harder?

…Freelance Writing Jobs

An end to the endless cycle?

…Scripting News

See Me In The UK!

…About Freelance Writing

Murdoch has spoken. Time for the rest of us to listen?

…Social Media Today

Replacing journalists with writers


“The 10 Most Absurd Time Magazine Covers From The Last 40 years”

…Silicon Alley Insider

An Underground Replay: “Pay The Damned Writer”

…Copywriter Underground

When innovation yields efficiency


Oligarchy + Monopoly ≠ Oligopoly

…Daily Writing Tips

Diller pulls a dilly, says the web will become a paid system


Magazine Cover Ads, Subtle and Less So

…NY Times

InBerkeley on Twitter

…Scripting News

Business, Finance, Money

Julie Meyer: ‘Why entrepreneurs will lead the country out of recession’


Will Dell Buy Palm?

…Sound Money Tips    Good rumor to end the week on.

Making Business Intelligence a Priority


The 10 biggest lies entrepreneurs tell themselves


Three rules for brand-new CEOs


U.S. consumers’ mood strongest in 9 months (Reuters)

…Yahoo Business

How to profit in the new economy


Great Depression II? It’s Not Even Close

…Sound Money Tips

Household Net Worth’s Big Declines – Why a Graph Tells a Better Story

…Sound Money Tips

The Capital-Raising Ladder


Medicine, Health

The Ultimate Crisis in Health Reform: Lack of Access

…medinnovation blog

Prostate Cancer: Who Needs Chemical Castration?


Sleeping Helps Preserve Important Memories


Health Care Cooperatives–An Old New Idea–So What’s a Blue Cross Plan?

…Health Care Blog

AMA Goes on the Offensive Targeting Public Plan Option

…Med Page Today

Melanoma – The Bare Facts

…medinnovation blog

KevinMD Live Q&A on health care reform, today at 11:30am Eastern

…Kevin, M.D.     Starting in about 15 minutes…

Designing an Effective Insurance Exchange. Or Not.

…Health Care Blog

The Story of Dr. Sidney R. Garfield

…The Health Care Blog

Pew survey: health consumers using web, online social media in …



Julian Lennon Helps ailing Lucy Vodden, the real Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds


Looking for a job? Maybe it’s time to get creative


The Quick 10: 10 Facts About the American Flag

…mental_floss blogs

World’s best Chardonnay…from Canada?


How To Ask the Boss If You Can Work Remotely

…Web Worker Daily

The 5 Best Cities for Cleantech Companies

…Fast Company

Cancel your cable – watch TV online


5 TV Aunts Worth Remembering

…mental_floss blogs

Why Certain Cities Attract Gen Ys


Where Struggling Americans Can Find a Fresh Start


10 Things Your Kid’s Camp Won’t Tell You (10 Things)

…Smart Money

A teacher’s view on the education crisis


How to Alter Your Work Schedule to Accommodate Personal Projects

…Web Worker Daily

Open to Revisions

…Search magazine

Eliot Spitzer explains himself


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