Web Media Daily – Friday June 19, 2009

by Gregg on June 19, 2009

Social Media, Marketing, PR

Twitter: No Internet Required

…Om Malik on Broadband

How Twitter is Changing the World of Professional Poker


The New Rules of Brand Competition

…Brave New Marketing

The Social Media Maturity Model – One Perspective

…Social Customer Manifesto

Cubics Implements New Anti-Deceptive Ad Standards, Will Others Follow Suit

…All Facebook

Twicsy Is A Killer And Kind Of Creepy Way To Search Pictures Shared On Twitter


How to Measure the Value of Collaboration


About that ‘The world is a global village’ theory


The Corporate Social Media Ecosystem

…Social Media Club

Twitter Business Model Revealed?


Bringing the reign of click-throughs to an end


Social Media Give Educators Options

…US News

PR exec pushes social media

…Jacksonville Business Journal

Facebook Hires Lobbyist As Likelihood Of New Online Privacy Legislation Rises

…All Facebook

10 Ways Journalism Schools Are Teaching Social Media


YouTube Search Goes Visual With the Wonder Wheel


Q&A: Jim Stengel on purpose driven brands and the state of marketing today

…Econsultancy          He was Global marketing Officer at P&G if you don’t know the name. Good interview.

The 140 Character Conference, or Why Twitter Matters Now

…Web Worker Daily

Top Five Rules for Running an Online Community

…Social Media Today                                WRAL’s “Live Wire” Angela Connor. Good post.

How people use Twitter – 10 distinct usage groups

…Social Media Today

Socialcast rolls out workplace ‘discovery engine’

…CNet News

Is Twitter now a critical app?

…CNet News

Price is important online. But not as important as reputation.


Web Analytics and Yellow Lobsters

…Future Now

The 5Ps of Marketing

…Personal Branding Blog

The Inside Word: Social Media Is Losing Its Authenticity

…Paid Content

The best rule for social media


Merging Back on the Tweeway


9 Proven Headline Formulas That Sell Like Crazy


My Current Top 5 Favorite WordPress Plugins


Dear Wanna-bes, Your Twitter Stardom is Coming to an End


Twitter heading off editorial cliff?

…Scripting News

#FollowFriday – Twitter Style Guide

…Social Media Today

You can no More Ignore Social Media than Not Answer the Phone

…Social Media Today

Turn your e-mail newsletter into a social-sharing hub

…Smart Blog on Social Media

Google Books Is Getting Social

…Fast Company

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

…Brave New Marketing

15 Things Social Media Can Do for You Today

…Social Media Explorer

10 Social Media Tools – Best Kept Secrets

…Junta42 Blog

Weebiz: A Social Network for Companies Is Born


Optimized Press Releases Now a Crowded Space

…Social Media Today

Two ways to build trust

…Seth Godin

Create these 10 Media Channels for Your Content Marketing Strategy

…Junta42 Blog

Leveraging Social Media Buzz for SEO Success


3 basic ingredients for an online social community to exist and thrive


Twitter Censoring Trending Topics? Isn’t It About Time?


Internet Marketing: Is Regulation Coming?


Twitter Diplomacy


Stop, think before you complain about your job via social media

…Wichita Eagle

Advertisers are migrating to online social media

…Product Placement


iPhone Activation Meltdown: Not Again, Please


New iPhone Is The Flip Cam Killer

…Silicon Alley Insider

iPod saves girl from lightening strike

…Network World

Turn Your iPhone Photos Into Postcards With HazelMail

…Om Malik on Broadband

iPhone’s saucy new app turns your cell into a vibrator

…Inquisitir                  Oh my!

10 ways the iPhone changed smartphones


iPhone 3.0 excels at Wi-Fi hotspots


iPhone 3G S: Are you upgrading?



Google testing out new format for search ads

…CNet News

Google Maps Finally Gives Me The Feature I’ve Wanted From Day 1: What’s Here?


Flash is a Reality, is HTML5 Only a Promise?

…Connecting the Dots

Singletasking: The Next Trend in Web Working?

…Web Worker Daily

Versions 1.0 Of Today’s Most Popular Apps

…Silicon Alley Insider                    Very cool!

‘No longer the province of elites’


9 Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate

…Search Engine Journal

Google Voice To Offer Phone and Messaging Services

…Web Worker Daily

Google Testing Flipper on News Site

…Search Engine Journal

5 reasons Google should worry about Bing


Google Increases Home Page Text by 33%. Are They Scared of Microsoft?

…Sound Money Tips

“Get the facts” from Microsoft Marketing


Lotus Symphony 1.3 Adds Microsoft Office Support

…ReadWriteWeb                 I can still see Lotus Symphony, in its huge box, sitting on our Software City wall in Atlanta in the 80’s.

Steve Ballmer Is Making A Bad $10 Billion Bet

…Silicon Alley Insider                  They have never been visionaries.

Windows 7: Microsoft vs. the PC Makers


Collecta Launches *Really* Real-Time Search Engine


Journalism, Newspapers, Magazines, Writing

10 Ways Journalism Schools Are Teaching Social Media


Is It Possible To Be Query Free?

…About Freelance Writing

New Business Models for News Project


Google Book Search Gets 7 New Features

…Search Engine Journal

Will online publishers self-censor for dollars?


Walter Cronkite Gravely Ill, Near Death

…Inquisitir                  He defined generations and their nation.

No thanks

…BuzzMachine     Jarvis slams Mediaite. Hope they didn’t pay for that name.

25 AWESOME Lessons I Learnt From Shai Coggins

…The Prolific Writer

Business, Finance, Money

Chart of the Day – Inflation Adjusted Dow

…Sound Money Tips

Support your struggling grads


Deconstructing The Grammar of Business


User economy v. consumer economy


The myth of the 20-something founder


Unemployment Data: Are We Really Seeing an Improvement?

…Sound Money Tips

Medicine, Health

New Therapy May Fight Prostate Cancer


Health debate: A little clarity, please


At Last, The Long Awaited Announcement

…medinnovation Blog

Opening Physician’s Notes to Patients

…Health Care Blog

Physician malpractice deposition observations

…Kevin, M.D.

Buying your own health insurance


Fee For Service

…Surgeons Blog

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina CEO Greczyn says health-care reform will come slowly, if at all

…News and Observer

Health Reform: A Poetic Update (With apologies to Judy Collins)

…Health Care Blog

Green Tea May Slow Prostate Cancer (CME/CE, with audio)

…Med Page Today

Advertising and retail health – ad clutter expands its footprint

…Health Populi

Can’t afford health care? Barter for it



Merlin Mann on Getting Creative Things Done


10 Things Your Airline Won’t Tell You (10 Things)

…Smart Money

Ever Downloaded a Copyrighted Song? You Owe Infinity Dollars


The Reports of the Republican Party’s Demise Have Been Greatly Understated


New York City Homicides Map

…NY Times                     Scary.

Golf: The U.S. Open Goes Digital


hi-tech tennis

…BBC News

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