Web Media Daily – Link Edition Tuesday June 9, 2009

by Gregg on June 9, 2009

Social Media, Marketing, PR

Social media for your social life

…Web Guild

The Twitpocalypse is Near: Will Your Twitter Client Survive?

…Programmable Web

Songkick’s Social Concert Database Chronicles One Million Events


YouTube Video Streams Top 1 Billion/Day

…TechCrunch  Wow!

Could Twittering about your vacation put your home at risk?

…AP  I stayed away from this one yesterday. I’m betting this is just a scratch on the surface. We’ve just got too much data exposed and it’s way too easy for the bad guys to get to it.

Which Has Been More Effective for You – Direct Mail or Email Marketing?

…The Well-fed Writer Blog

BuzzStream: CRM for Social Media Savvy PR Types [Invites]

…Mashable    Cool service if you haven’t yet looked at it.

Flag Influencers for Press, Backlinks, Social Media Optimization with BuzzStream


CM Summit: Return on Creativity in Adland


Revisiting silos.

…s.m.o.g. Talk

Meetings indicate Leadership Style

…Social Media Today   Amen!

Compete: Facebook US Traffic Nearing Google, Yahoo


The Web in Numbers: Twitter’s Phenomenal Growth Suddenly Stops

…Mashable   So, Facebook keeps accelerating while Twitter hits the brakes. What do you think?

Twitter hype punctured by study


Facebook Shuts Down SocialReach For Violating Platform Terms

…All Facebook

What The New iPhone Means For Marketers

…Silicon Valley Insider

A Blogging Dietitian Invites People to Watch Her Watch What She Eats

…Washington Post

Hi. My name is Suw and I’m a social media expert

…Web Guild

Wordnik Provides Social Meaning of Words (or, Research for the Terminally Unhip Writer)

…Copywriter Underground

Social Media Monitoring: Spring Creek Group Partners with Radian6 …

…Web Guild   If you’re going to partner with someone, Radian6 is a good place to start. What an awesome tool.

Clay Shirky, Emerging Technology Specialist, Says on IdeasProject …

…Web Guild

Social technology for health care: check out the imc² point of view


Personal Branding Interview: Hugh MacLeod

…Personal Branding Blog   This book is on my list. How about yours?

Social Media: unlocking behavioral disorders

…Microsoft Weblog    Great tshirt!

Is Twitter significant?

…Microsoft weblogs

Social Media isn’t Replacing Marketing Folks…

…Social Media Today

A Guide to Social Media Tools and their Uses


10 superb social media presentations

…Digital Marketing

Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

…Healthcare Marketer

Review: Twicli – Twitter Photos Improved


7 Rules for Writing URLs

…Small Business SEM

Social Media an Increasingly Important Tool in Keeping Employees …


Today, We Think Twitter Is Dead. (For Now)

…Om Malik on Broadband

Social media and risk management

…eConsultancy Blog

Local SEM: churn baby, churn

…eConsultancy Blog

Ad agencies aren’t going away. But some of their services may be.

…eConsultancy Blog

Why free software could help save media

…eConsultancy Blog

Top ten online PR fails

…eConsultancy Blog

Five Questions Facing Corporate Social Media: Critical Discussion …


Social Media And Web Publishing: Interview With John Boitnott

…Future Buzz

Portrait of the Academic as Blogger: Robert Stavins is Blogger of the Week

…Social Media Today

The Coming Change in Social Media Business Applications

…Social Media Today

Businesses – Get a Life (or a presence) on Twitter

…Social Media Today

The Need for Feed: RSS & Twitter, Why They May be Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

…Social Media Today  Dave Winer might like this.

Avoid the Five Routes to Strategic Failure

…Marketing Profs

Put Your Site Search to Work and Improve Your Targeted Marketing, Part 1

…Marketing Profs

A five-step guide to creating an amazing brand

…eConsultancy Blog

The Importance of Using Analytics in Tough Times

…iKnowtion Blog   “He who asks a question may be a fool for five minutes, but he who never asks a question remains a fool forever.”

Why Testimonials Do (and Don’t) Work

…Future Now

Ten Ways To Decide If Your Business Should Tweet

…Media Post

Andy’s Answers: How to engage influential talkers

…Smart Blog on Social Media

7 ways to tell if your marketing is stale


Businesses get serious about social media productivity drains

…The Australian News    Seems very shortsighted to me.

Social media keeps employees’ heads in the game

…CivSource    This seems more on target.

Five Ways to Persuade Like aSilver-Tongued Trial Lawyer


U.S. women use blogs and social media for information


The Key To Being A Successful Musician: Focus On Fan Relationships… Not Industry Relationships

…Techdirt   Sounds like the key for any profession.

Enamored Words? You’ll Love Wordnik


13 Things I’ve Learned about Successful Blogging [My 5000th Post on ProBlogger]


10 Twitter Tools to Organize Your Tweeps


The Hand Carried Letter

…Chris Brogan

How To Create A Business Account On Facebook Without A Personal One

…All Facebook    Handy piece of information if you don’t want a personal account.

Twitter Approval Matrix

…O’Reilly Radar

IBM Debuts New Social Network for Business Partners to Discover, Collaborate, & Profit


Breaking: Facebook Username Landrush to Start June 13 at Midnight

…Inside Facebook

Ping.fm Makes Social Media Strategy Easy

…Practical eCommerce

A Roundup of Twitter Tracking Tools

…Social Media Today

You Have Three Days To Pick Your Facebook Vanity URL, But Choose Wisely

…TechCrunch   Some more info on vanity urls. A little more detailed than the previous link.

Social Media Camp #IWNY Wrap-Up

…Social Media Club

How the NBA is Using Social Media


Five Reasons why Content Strategy comes before Social Media

…Junta42 Blog    A lot of good “content” today. This might be the best of the bunch.

Twitter is Not a Conversational Platform

…O’Reilly Radar

Google Makes Its Own Mac Twitter Desktop Client (Yes, That Also Does Search)



Why The iPhone 3G S May Be A Sucker’s Bet Right Now


The T-Grid: Palm Pre vs. iPhone 3G S


Apple’s Cool Matrix-Style App Wall

…TechCrunch   There’s an app for that. About 50,000 of them.

Apple Can Keep Secrets Even Without Steve Jobs

…Sound Money Tips

iPorn startup makes a splash at WWDC


What The New iPhone Means For Marketers

…Silicon Alley Insider

Sorry Steve: Tim Cook For Apple CEO

…Silicon Alley Insider

Snow Leopard In Depth: QuickTime X

…The Apple Blog

Whiners of the World: Shut Up About the iPhone 3GS’ Upgrade Price [Rant]

…Gizmodo   Well, there you have it!

Apple launching free iDisk iPhone app for viewing and sending stored docs — still no substitute for a file system


Extend Keynote’s power with OmniGraffle’s stencils


Benjamin Moore develops iPhone apps

…macsimum news   Great marketing tool. Add a dash of social media and create a community and they’d really have something going.

TwitVid.com, TwitterFon deliver video tweeting for new iPhone 3G S

…macsimum news

Mac Chrome Lead Rationalizes Early Release, Needs Your Help


Microsoft releases Office 2008 12.1.9 to patch Word vulnerability

…The Unofficial Apple Weblog

When Pro Doesn’t Mean Pro Anymore [Apple]


The Apple effect on design

…The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Introducing Google Quick Search Box

…Official Google Mac Blog    This is pretty handy if you haven’t tried it yet.


Amazon’s Cloud Strategy Becomes Clearer Every Day

…Sound Money Tips

Launch On TechCrunch, Get Bought By Google


Should ICANN Dump The Idea Of Generic Top Level Domains?


Leo Laporte lays down the law.

…MetaFilter   Maybe Mike was stressed about mashable overtaking TechCrunch.

We’ve Got A Whole Lotta Bing Stickers. Want One?

…TechCrunch   Now’s your chance to grab one. Send them a SASE and it’s yours.

Google to Reveal Apps Enhancements

…PC World   We’ll see in just a few hours.

Things A Venture Capitalist Will Never Say

…TechCrunch  Well, the slide is kind of funny.

Google Employee Countersues ShoeMoney For Defamation


Salesforce.com To Have A Native Palm Pre App By Year’s End

…ReadWriteWeb    Suppose they wrote an app and there wasn’t a phone to host it?

Glue’s Social Browsing Add-on Jumps onto Multiple Browsers

…Mashable   This is a pretty slick service. I’ve played with it on Firefox on my Mac. When and if it come to Safari…

The Jitterbug Phone…Turns Out It’s For Seniors

…Techdirt   Only because we don’t know how to booty dance!

Firefox 3.5 “Preview” Available with an Update Check [Firefox]


How Google Profiles SEO’s

…Graywolf’s SEO Blog

Introducing Android Scripting Environment

…Google Open Source Blog

Embed Zoho Meeting in your website/blog

…Zoho   Very nice.

Tips for Creating a Website that Fits your Business


Technology has become our culture,…

…New Rules   Put your thinking caps on.

The best netbook-friendly Linux distros

…The Register

Acer Rumored to Release Laptop With 3D Display In Stores by October [Laptops]

…Gizmodo    Sounds cool but these old eyes may not be ready for it.

Opening Doors on the Way to a Personal Robot

…NY Times   You want one don’t you?

Computers Key To Air France Crash

…Slashdot    Putting your fate in the hands of an experienced pilot or a computer. Gonna’ have to think twice about flying on an Airbus.

Wolfram Alpha Releases First Major Update


comScore Study: Bing Is Off To A Very Good Start


Large Site SEO: How to Waste Your #1 Ranking with Bad Formulas

…Search Engine Journal

How to Compete with Yourself in the Search Engines and Win

…Search Engine Journal

Yasni – Feature-Rich People Search Engine

…Search Engine Journal

Just Released – The Windows 7 RC Training Kit for Developers!

…Microsoft Weblogs

Why Isn’t Microsoft’s Strategy Working Anymore?


Fotopedia: An Online Encyclopedia for Photos


LikeMe Brings Social Recommendations to Pre, but Can You Trust their Reviews?


The Soul of the New Start-up Machine


StartupNation Introduces Odds of Success Calculator for Businesses

…Broadcast Newsroom

Google Apps Press Event: The Riveting Real Time Notes (Use Google Apps With Outlook!)

…TechCrunch     I guess it’s big news if you use Outlook, Google Apps and Windows. Can you sense my enthusiasm?

StumbleUpon’s Su.pr URL Shortening Service Is Now In Private Beta (250 Invites)

…TechCrunch   Just set up an account. Very attractive interface.

Su.pr: StumbleUpon’s URL Shortener for Content Publishers [Invites]

…Mashable   They have invites available too.

The Zen Art of Sitting

…Valley Zen   If your back’s been bothering you from too much time in front of a computer, you might look at this.

Paola Antonelli on Designing Ideas, Not Products


URL-shorteners go Amazon

…Scripting News

Journalism, Newspapers, Magazines

9 Questions for the Ailing Newspaper Industry

…Sound Money Tips

Boston Globe Union Shoots Self In Foot

…Silicon Alley Insider

The Digital Magazine: Has its Time Come?


Newspapers’ Plan For Survival: Charge Money, Beat Up On Craigslist And Keep Repeating To Ourselves That We’re Needed

…Techdirt    Sounds like a plan to me! :-)

Boston’s alternative future


Gotta love the link


NY Times versus TechCrunch – a silly argument

…Richard Stacy      If you’re not following him, you really should be. He’s a thinker and a writer. Rare combination these days.

Business, Finance, Money

What if Bernanke Succeeds?

…Sound Money Tips

Graduate school for unemployed college students

…Seth Godin

Small Business Workbook on How to Start and Structure a Business Now Available from SCORE and The Company Corporation

…Moreover Small Business News

Seniors as Entrepreneurs: Their Time Has Come


From Business School to the Backlot


The next great crisis: America’s debt


Medicine, Health

Should doctors competitively bid for Medicare rates?

…Kevin, M.D.

Is This a Pandemic? Define Pandemic

…NY Times

Social technology for health care: check out the imc² point of view


Social media the new word-of-mouth?

…Web Guild

Computers Rich Source of Acute Injury (CME/CE)

…Med Page Today

Bing, Brilliant for Health Search

…Microsoft Weblogs

Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

…Healthcare Marketer

Can patient empowerment be taken too far?

…Kevin, M.D.

How to Stay Sharp in Old Age


Teaching the Mind to Treat Insomnia


The mortality risks of talking on cell-phones and driving = 2,600 deaths a year

…Health Populi

Executive physicals, and what the Mayo Clinic doesn’t want you to know

…Kevin, M.D.

Sleeplessness a Weighty Matter

…Medicine Net

High-Protein Diet Goes Vegetarian

…Medicine Net

Forgotten Drug Helps Stem Cells Repair Bone Marrow

…Wired News


Man calls a prostitute – his own daughter shows up

…Inquisitor    You couldn’t make this kind of stuff up. How embarrassing. For both.

10 Things Your Bartender Won’t Tell You (10 Things)

…Smart Money

Russian porn starlet brands DD jubs

…The Register   More than one way to make a dollar, or 500K of them.

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