Web Media Daily – Link Edition Wed. June 10, 2009

by Gregg on June 10, 2009

Social Media, Marketing, PR

How Mathew Ingram Manages a News Site That Gets 5,000 Comments a Day


Writing for the Web, Part Two: Home Page Homilies


Pay Per Post Model Moves To Twitter

…Techdirt    Microshilling shelf life limited?

Tweet taste of success for local entrepreneur

…Belfast Telegraph

REQUIRED: A Custom Facebook URL For Your Brand Name

…Personal Branding Blog

Empower your social media users

…Vator News

Why Carriers Love Social Networks On Mobiles

…Om Malik on Broadband

Social Media Meets Industrial Media at Social Media Club Event Panel


Media Companies Will Need to Recalibrate Ad Models Post-Recovery

…Sound Money Tips

Revenue at Craigslist Is Said to Top $100 Million

…NY Times

Book Review: Blog Blazers by Stephane Grenier

…Blog Critics

Facebook usernames and the battle over your digital identity

…Factory City


…Seth Godin

Twitter Tracker Returns to Conan and Gets its Own Website


Is Facebook Increasing The Size Of Our Personal Networks? Facebook Reveals The Answer

…All Facebook

How-To: Mine Delicious for Consumer Insights

…Interactive Insights Group

Does Your Publishing Schedule Match Your Readers Habits

Graywolf’s SEO Blog

How USAir Turned My Grumpy Mood Around

…Chris Brogan

The Rise and Fall of the First Dot Com


NY Shop Offers Social Media Playbook


Search Engine Visibility and PR – An Edelman Digital White Paper


How to Sell When Nobody’s Buying

…Personal Branding Blog

A look through the latest Twitter numbers

…Social Media Today

The one commandment of social media: have a go

…Social Media Today

Newspapers Tapping Into the Online Conversation

…Social Media Today

Should your business Tweet? My longest post, ever! One of my best, too.

…Social Media Today

Ironic But True. Many On Twitter Are Just Silent

…Om Malik on Broadband

Twitter Is A Cocktail Party


Are Twitter Users Inactive? Depends on How You Look at It


PR in a World of Expression


What should Google do?


David, meet Goliath


Isle restaurants learning the value of social media

…Web Guild

Enough With The Whole “Google Didn’t Worry About Money” Thing

…The Business Insider

What Is an Online Social Media Conversation?

…Liz Strauss

100 Awesome Facebook Apps for Productivity and Learning


Is “Community” a Lie?

…Social Customer Manifesto

The 10 Most Creative People in Marketing and Advertising

…Fast Company

Advanced Techniques for Using LinkedIn to Change Careers

…Personal Branding Blog

‘Twilight’ author takes a break from social media


Twitter Cofounder’s Gig Now Includes Teaching Oprah’s Staff

…Silicon Alley Insider

Getting Ahead By Being Local

…Flooring the Consumer

English’s Millionth Word: Web 2.0

…John Battelle

Authenticity vs. Authority

…Web Ink Now

Social media writing is its own art

…USA Today

The Very Long Tail Of Facebook Applications

…All Facebook

How To Land Big Interviews When Your Blog Is Still Small


Clip, Blog, Tweet, and Share with Amplify


Blog devoted to ugly logos


Why I Deleted my Facebook Fan Page

…Chris Brogan

The Difference Between Hard and Hard Work

…Altitude Branding

It’s Not Necessarily Who You Know


Is It Who You Know Or What They Know?


Twitter Hits The Ceiling

…Silicon Alley Insider

Dan Woods discusses social media for grownups


Lessons from the Navy

…Let the Good Times Roll

Get Ready To Barf. AOL And Sears Want To Push “Good News” Down Your Throat


If Twitter were a state, it would be Arkansas

…Greg Verdino

Not Everyone is Excited About Facebook Vanity URLs


Social Media: Where The Girls Are

…Small Biz Resource

The Five P’s Of Social Media–Where Do You Start?

…Fast Company

Social media is about space, not place

…Richard Stacy     Another thoughtful piece. If you’re involved in social media at all you should be reading Richard.

Social media benefits trump security fears


Exclusive: The Future of Facebook Usernames

…Anil Dash

Mashable’s Weekly Guide to Social Media Marketing & Web Development Jobs


How Social Media Broadens the Association Sphere and Transforms the “Nature” of our Future

…Association 2020

15 Apps Rendered Obsolete By The New iPhone 3GS


The roots of word of mouth

…Church of the Customer Blog

That sucking sound? Your life and Social Media

…Shooting at Bubbles

Why You May Not Be Able to Claim Your Facebook Page Username Come Saturday


Social Media Debate: Content Trumps Everything

…Drake and Company

Top ten things brands forget in their rush to Social Media.

…Simon Mainwaring

Social media expert says Google needs Twitter


The More Followers You Have, The More You Tweet. Or Is It The Other Way Around?



Billboard for WWDC is torn down; startup smells rotten Apple

…ZDNet Blogs

Where’s Steve Jobs?

…WSJ Blogs

WWDC: Apple Moves on the Enterprise


500,000 People Watched Apple’s iPhone Announcement Over Ustream

…Silicon Alley Insider

From Consumer Gadget to Business Tool – Entrust Helps iPhone Become All-In-One Device


Precipitate: Search Google Docs using Spotlight


Has Apple hit 50,000 iPhone apps, as claimed?


Apple’s magic

…Rex Hammond    Good read!

Enderle: Apple’s Mac could be poised for its biggest market share gain in history


6 Steps to Building a Better iPhone App


AT&T Plays Dumb as iPhone Romance Hits Rocks

…Huffington Post

Platform vendors

…Joel on Software

No Specs Please, We’re Apple



DailyPerfect: Latest News Aggregator to Attempt Personalization


Why I Haven’t Bought a Palm Pre Yet

…Web Worker Daily

Why it’s wise to launch softly

…Signal vs. Noise

Mozilla goes enterprise with Build a Browser program

…CNet News

Open Government: Berners-Lee and the UK to Show Obama How It’s Done


Uncle Sam is listening…but this time without a wiretap

…Connecting The Dots

Springo: A Site Discovery Search Tool

…Web Worker Daily

CHART OF THE DAY: One-Third Of Web Video Watchers May Cancel Cable

…Silicon Alley Insider

Google Launches A Guide to Enterprise Apps Deployment


Report: kids’ use of tech growing exponentially

…Ars Technica

Common Tag Brings Standards to Metadata


Journalism, Newspapers, Magazines

Apparently If You Work For The AP, You’re Not Allowed To Criticize Newspaper Management


Firefox Introduces Add-On Collections

…Mashable  This is handy!

Why Designers and Venture Capitalists Should Start Working Together Now

…Fast Company

Barry Diller: The Internet’s free phase is coming to an end

…eConsultancy Blog

Business, Finance, Money

Top 10 Things Small Businesses Must Know About Protecting and Securing Their Business Data

…Moreover Small Business

The Fear Index Drops to a 9-Month Low

…Sound Money Tips

Tips to Write a Startup Business Plan

…Small Home Business

Mortgage hunting? 3 sites to check


Why you can’t get a car loan


The hidden job market


GOOD infographic: largest bankruptcies in history

…BoingBoing     Terrific graphic!

Creating value versus optimizing revenue


Medicine, Health

Health Trends Research’s

…cre8d design blog    Very nice WordPress design

Giving Patients the Data They Need


How an EMR destroyed this practice’s medical records

…Kevin, M.D.

Health Care Costs Will Increase at Double-Digit Rates in 2010

…Health Populi

A case in point: men and doctors


The Health Industry’s Achilles Heel

…Health Care Blog

Would you be willing to pay more to be seen more quickly in the ER?

…Kevin, M.D.

Sound the Alarm: It’s Potty Time

…WebMD                Shades of Pavlov’s dog here?


Will universities stay relevant?


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