Web Media Daily – Monday Edition June 8, 2009

by Gregg on June 8, 2009

twitter-bakeryBakerTweet Informs Customers Of Freshly Baked Goods
A creative use for Twitter from Albion Cafe on Boundary Street in London, England.

twitterTwitter’s Innovation Drought
In case you missed this one over the weekend, BusinessWeek does some Twitter soul searching. Just what are those guys doing anyway?

bankingBanking Association Highlights Impact of Social Media
Meet Jesse Torres, a banker and the author of the The Community Banker’s Guide to Social Network Marketing (http://www.tinyurl.com/cbgsnm) and of the upcoming Social Network Marketing: Unlocking the Value of the Community. The Banker’s Guide is a free download. Good reading for anyone in the business world trying to incorporate social media into their marketing and PR mix.

superchirpPaid Twitter Streams Are Here: SuperChirp
It was just a matter of time right? As the article points out thogh, this one has some interesting possibilities in the non-profit and charitable organization spaces.

sociologyThe Sociology of Twitter, Video Interview with Liz Pullen
ReadWrite Web
If you’re interested in Twitter, and the social sciences, this is a really good interview. It’s the first one I’ve seen from someone in her field of study. Fascinating stuff.
(Image credit: Stanford University Sociology Dept.)

duke janitorHe looks after students, and Duke Chapel, too
The News and Observer
This one has nothing to do with marketing, PR, social media, or technology. It is definitely social though and one of those “feel good” stories to start your week off. Every time I drive by, or, when I get the chance to go in, I am awed by the chapel. It’s a special place. He’s a special man.
(Image credit: News and Observer)

ChaoticsMarketing in the Age of Turbulence
An interview with Philip Kotler, the well-known marketing guru at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. If you need to kick start your marketing efforts you might get some inspiration here.

Rackspace12 Companies Targeting Early Tech Adopters
ReadWrite Web
If you live on the bleeding edge you probably know some of these. If you want to live there, you might want to read about these companies.

craig barrettFive Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Craig Barrett
Om points us towards a WSJ article about the retired Chairman and CEO of Intel. He lists the lessons here though so you can get a synopsis before you go read the entire article.

miami heraldSocial Media Good for Business
Miami Herald
A quick review of three books that deal with social media in business.

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