Web Media Daily – Monday June 15, 2009

by Gregg on June 15, 2009

Social Media, Marketing, PR

Dead Grasshoppers Give Life to Social Media Marketing Campaign


Decontructing Media Bias: FairSpin Twitter Launches


Social Media and Publishing: Revolutions Online and Offline

…Search Views

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

…Web Marketing Today

The Mashable Lounge Launches: Live Twitter Chatroom


Spiceworks Spices Up Social IT Management Software


Gist and Social Minder Remind Us to Contact Clients

…Web Worker Daily

Diminishing Returns of Collaboration


Produle: Create Highly Customized Social Widgets


An emerging metric: the GoodGuide score

…Church of the Customer Blog

Share Links With ReadWriteWeb With Just a Click


Twitter Takes A Breather


YouTube gets users to rate its advertising


Green Tweets: 75+ Environmentalists to Follow on Twitter


Dell profits from Twitter spam

…Richard Brandt

Digital Marketing Agency Dashboard Launches Social Media Suite for …


Twittering for profit


Social Networking: Facebook Looks to India


Web Startup that Merges “Social CRM” with “Real-Time Stream” Functionality Chosen as a Finalist Winner for TechWeb’s Enterprise 2.0 Conference

…AEC Newsroom

Blogs Are Not Just Web Logs

…Fast Company

Why Facebook Turned Down Millions To Give Away Vanity URLs For Free

…Silicon Alley Insider

Options for Managing Many Online Identities

…Web Worker Daily

Social Collaboration Platform CollectiveX Is Reborn As Groupsite


Stories for Good Contest: Win FREE Social Media Books #Stories4Good


Coming in July: Month of Twitter Bugs


Facesquatting And The 2009 Facebook Username Land Rush Aftermath

…All Facebook

Social Media for Business – SM Target Marketing


Ten reasons not to follow people on Twitter


Top five reasons why I haven’t been writing about social media


BlogWell preview: Kaiser Permanente’s Holly Potter

…Smart Blog on Social Media

Facebook Pages Is The Community Platform For Businesses

…All Facebook

Mashable’s Weekly Social Media and Web Event Guide


How an understanding of body language transforms your public speaking

…Web Ink Now

How to Change Your Domain While Keeping Your Search Engine Ranking

…Search Engine Journal

Nofollow Change: Why Life Just Got Tougher for Niche Sites

…Search Engine Journal

Decoder Tells You What Those TinyURLs Really Are

…Search Engine Journal

Here Comes Google’s Twitter Search

…Silicon Alley Insider

13 Tips for Marketing Your Business With Your Blog


I’m not vain, I’m just forgetful: Why I grabbed facebook.com/rexhammock

…Rex Hammock

Poll: Which Web Office Suite Would You Pay For? Adobe or Google?


my introduction to the TopRank community

…Top Rank Online Marketing


…The Future Buzz

It’s Time to Shoot Your Blog


Convincing the boss to invest in social media


Futures planning with horizon scanning and social computing – Part 2

…Social Media Today

Social Media and Employee Communications: An Opportunity to Experiment

…Health Leaders Media              Hat tip Shailesh Maingi at Raleigh’s Kineticos
Buzz2009 Social Media For Associations–Why I Wish I Was Going

…Mizz Information

Brand Yourself as an Expert to Survive the Future

…Personal Branding Blog     Just not a social media one.  :-)

Psychological Profiling Via Twitter

…Dan Zarrella

New StrongMail Survey Shows Social Media is Emerging as a Direct …

…Market Watch

Yearbooks, Social Media Merge in Interactive Program


Using social media for commercial gain


Life On The Twitter Suggested User List


Social Media Is Changing the Content Marketplace


Email, Social Media Merged To Create Marketing Channel

…Online Media Daily

Five of my favourite Twitter fails

…Econsultancy Blog

The Key To Developing A Social Media Strategy

…Social Media Explorer

A Simple Presence Framework

…Chris Brogan

How to Practice Kamikaze SEO

…Graywolf’s SEO Blog

What the Little Bird Told Me About You: Three Twitter Apps for Psych Analysis


Top 5 Twitter Related Trends to Watch


Size Matters: Twitterer’s Lengthening Tweets


Twidiots: The Fact and Fiction of Social Media Demographics

…Social media Today

Would you invite 16 bloggers to spend 24 hours with your company? The Navy did.

…Charlene Li

Iran – a social media election

…Social Media Today


Apple Java update fixes security hole


Thoughts on Safari 4: Some Bad, Mostly Good

…The Apple Blog

AT&T to offer MMS for free (with Texting bundle) later this summer

…9 to 5 Mac

Analysts: iPhone 3G S still not enterprise-ready


Apple: Jobs To Return End of June

…OS News

Apple, an iHome could tackle the issue of dificult home network set-ups

…Macsimum News

Big in Japan: Apple Retail Experience

…Sound Money Tips

The iPhone’s Wary New Rivals


10 iPhone Accessories We’d Love

…Silicon Alley Insider


Why Google might want you to think it’s scared of Bing

…CNet News

Bezos doesn’t like Google Book Search

…Richard Brandt

Bezos: We’ve got issues with Google Book Search

…CNet News

The many faces of small business and open source


Gates, Schmidt Discuss “Something Called The Internet” In 1994 (CLIP)

…Silicon Alley Insider

Containing Spreadsheet Sprawl


3 Tools to Extract Related Words from Google SERPs

…Search Engine Journal

Google Chrome SEO Toolbar with Page Rank– An Easy Way

…Search Engine Journal

The problem with Palm’s Pre


Modernizing Legacy Applications A Top Software Priority, Report Says

…eWeek             This has to be a huge challenge if not downright impossible.

Internet Explorer 8 To Feed People

…UberGizmo     Have to give them high marks for this.

Hunch Launches, Reinvents How You Make Decisions


The Postman Always Bings Twice


Google Wave: Developer Preview and Hackathon

…Programmable Web

Google Wants Artists to Work For Free, Is it Wrong?


Hunch launches!

…Hunch Blog

Online Behavioral Tracking: Anonymous and Harmless – or Insidiously Intrusive?

…Sound Money Tips

Maybe I Will Upgrade, Maybe I Won’t

…Connecting the Dots         Why you might not want to use the new Adobe offerings.

Take Your Sites to the Cloud (for Free) with Force.com


Acrobat.com Presentations Now Available on Labs

…Adobe Labs               Adobe’s been busy. Several other new offerings in labs as well.

Adobe Unleashes Acrobat.com, Takes on Google and Microsoft


Journalism, Newspapers, Magazines, Writing

Facebook giveth to journalists…well, not yet

…CNet News

Facebook and The Washington Post: More Than Meets the Eye


Counterintuitive Rules for Charging for Media Online

…Sound Money Tips

The first draft is the outline


Typography’s Role in the Newspaper Recession

…Fast Company

Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas?

…About Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing Jobs Monday June 15, 2009

…About Freelance Writing

New York Observer Owner Buys IAC’s Very Short List, Fires Everybody

…Silicon Alley Insider

Online Journalism vs. Print Journalism: Real Time vs. Batch Processing


Buy the Globe for the price of a Globe


Journalism and Social Media: Video Interview


The News Gets Social: Video Interview with an NBC Journalist and a Blogger


Business, Finance, Money

Don’t Fight the Guys Who Have the Power to Print Money

…Sound Money Tips

Twittering for profit


10 Reasons To Bet On A Yahoo Turnaround

…Silicon Alley Insider

Microsoft exec: no growth in online ad spend until 2012

…Econsultancy Blog

How Can Companies Win Back Trust?


Small Business Still Don’t See the Clouds

…PC World       It will be interesting to see if the Salesforce.com announcement changes this at all.

Obama to present sweeping market overhaul


Is Obama Flubbing the Financial Fix?


How do I make my sales people more entrepreneurial?

…Smart Company

Former IBM colleagues, now laid off, take a shot at entrepreneurship

…Trading Markets

Medicine, Health

Confidence in the U.S. health system decreases as Americans look to the future

…Health Populi

My reaction to President Obama’s speech to the AMA

…Kevin, M.D.

Leaky Gloves Associated with Increased Surgical Site Infections (CME/CE)

…Med Page Today

Chemo Drug Cream Efudex May Fade Wrinkles


Tips on lowering your drug costs


GE Offers Medical-Record Loans


Top 10 Most Creative People in Health Care

…Fast Company

White House ‘Finds’ Another $313 Billion for Healthcare Reform

…Medpage Today       Maybe Clinton hid it under a mattress.

AMA: Obama Faces Tough Audience at the ‘House of Medicine’

…Medpage Today

Does alternative medicine work? Or does it harm patients?

…Kevin, M.D.

Obama vs Hillary at the AMA

…Healthcare Blog

Interview with Hal Luft, author of Total Cure

…Healthcare Blog

Obama to lobby doctors on healthcare reforms

…Reuters            Good luck with that!


Double Nickels

…Richard Edelman

5 new online tools for homebuyers


You matter

…Seth Godin

Great Speeches by Fictional Presidents

…Mental_floss Blog

Search the Bible with Google Maps


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