Web Media Daily – Sunday June 21, 2009

by Gregg on June 21, 2009

Social Media, Marketing, PR

Sometimes Kool-Aid Is Okay

…Altitude Branding

Facebook Admit Click Fraud Problem, Says Fix Coming Today


Posterous is Changing How I Think About Blogging


4 Steps to Marketing Optimization Now Available on Scribd


Social media is key for professionals in a weak economy

…Wise Technology

Social Media Content Marketing Lists

…Cloud omputing

Affiliate Marketers Flock To Facebook And Click Fraud Skyrockets

…All Facebook

CNN Loses Ground to Crowdsourced News

…Social Media Today

A New Way to Spread the Word

…NY Times

Sunday Twitter Link Roundup


Get Into Trust Agents Ahead of Time

…Chris Brogan

Facebook Networking Tips: Real-Time Feed Search


Facebook Click Fraud Enraging Advertisers


WARNING: Fake Twitter Invites Carry Malicious Worm


Hubspot Has Some Solid Twitter Stats

…Chris Brogan

At Craigslist ‘camp,’ Facebook takes on Twitter

…CNet News


Apple Stuck Apologizing For AT&T Yet Again With A $30 iTunes Credit

…TechCrunch                    I’ll have a post up within a day or so documenting what we went through with AT&T today. Horrible customer service. Apple was great though.

Regarding the WSJ’s Report That Steve Jobs Had a Liver Transplant

…Daring Fireball

Who Leaked Steve Jobs Liver Transplant Story To The WSJ?

…Silicon Alley Insider

The Steve Jobs Story grows curiouser and curiouser

…Rex Hammock

Steve Jobs’ liver: The story continues


Inside iPhone 3.0: Enhanced controls for podcast & audiobook playback

…Unofficial Apple Weblog

SIRIUS Delivers To iPhone, iPod Touch

…CIO Today

iPhone 3G S and Pre head-to-head benchmarks: iPhone wins



How a Microsoft veteran learned to love Linux, and why it matters

…Tech Flash

45 Different APIs used in 7 Days: From Digg to Netflix to FriendFeed to YouTube

…Programmable Web               In case you’re wondering why I keep talking about APIs being one of the keys.

Journalism, Newspapers, Magazines, Writing

The Rules of the Road for Journalists on Twitter


Business, Finance, Money

How The NYT Kept Reporter’s Kidnapping Out Of The Papers

…Silicon Alley Insider

How the bailout bashed the banks


The Truth About Unemployment Numbers

…Sound Money Tips

I’m (Intellectually) In Love With John Bogle

…Sound Money Tips

Medicine, Health

Op-Ed: A Social Democrat Weighs in on a Government Health Plan

…Health Care Blog

Reflections from the AMA: President Obama’s Speech

…Kevin, M.D.


My dad saved me, and I killed him…

…LA times          Quite a story.

The Benefits of a Classical Education


Air Sex: it’s like air guitar but imitates….

…Inquisitir You just can’t make this stuff up! Takes all kinds…

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