Web Media Daily – Thurs. June 11, 2009

by Gregg on June 11, 2009

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Inforum ‘Social Media Jump Start’ Seminar Features Ford Digital …

…PR Newswire

What’s The Best Business Model For Facebook Applications?

…All Facebook

Run a Town Hall Meeting on Your Blog and Increase Reader Engagement


Twitter is for friends; Facebook is everybody


Updated: Local Search People/Companies Using Twitter

…Small Business SEM

YouTube Enters The Stream


YouTube Star Creates Viral Smash Hit for Carl’s Jr


It’s Not ROI – It’s IOR (Investment On Retention)

s.m.o.g. talk   Great way to look at the social media ROI conundrum.

8 OpenSocial apps worth trying out

…CNet News

Matt Held: A Master Of Facebook Portraiture

…All Facebook

Overview Of The Japanese Web And An Interview With the CEO Of Japan’s Biggest Social Network Mixi (GeeksOnAPlane In Tokyo)


Good News: Small Brands Can Get Custom Facebook URLs Too


Who Has Access to Your Address Book?

…Web Worker Daily      Something to think about.

The New Landing Pages


Nobody Recognizes The Chrome Icon, So Google Wants You To Make A Video About It

…TechCrunch     Google wants us to get involved and help. Microsoft wants to throw $100 million in advertising at us. There’s a fundamental difference there.

Twitter’ Makes AP Stylebook

…Media Post

Which Social Media Tools Should You Use?

…Fast Company

How Best Buy Socializes for Business

…Fast Company

Search for Developers


To Tweet? To Twitter? The Final Word On Proper Twitter Lingo


8 Ways to Create Paperless Business Cards


We’re Shipping Today – The Road to Buliding43


Professional management tools for Twitter: HootSuite and CoTweet

…CNet News

You Might be a Twitter Beginner if You Make these Mistakes


The Truth About Mobile Analytics

…Web Analytics Demystified

DailyPerfect Examines Your Facebook Account To Find The Most Relevant News

…All Facebook

Benefit-Driven Metrics: Measure the lives you save, not the life preservers you sell


The Life of an Internet Mogul

…Inc.   Good story on WordPress founder Mat Mullenweg.

“Marketing in the Groundswell” — a new way to reach marketers


Should Hugh swear so much?

…Seth Godin    This book is supposed to be great.

How to Optimize Your Conversion Rate(s)

…Conversion Rate Marketing

Run a Town Hall Meeting on Your Blog and Increase Reader Engagement

…ProBlogger     Terrific idea.

Go Blog Yourself Step 2: Know What They Want To See

…E-Marketing Performance

Andy’s Answers: How to create engaging communities

…Smart Blog on Social Media   Three good tips.

Facebook Gives Props to Top Brand Marketers


Are Trolls Ruining Social Media?


Advice for Facebook Marketing: ebook Showdown

…Social Media Today

Futures planning with horizon scanning and social computing – Part I

…Social Media Today

The Real Secret to Becoming a Popular Blogger


Test Your Site Usability with Loop11

…Search Engine Journal

Twitter SEO: 4 Simple Tips to Help Your Twitter Profile Rank

…Search Engine Journal

The Facebook Saturday night masacree

…Scripting News

Berners-Lee hired as gov internet adviser

…The Register     Now, whether they listen to him is another story.

Twitter on a Pepsi Can: Entering Mainstream or Jumping the Shark?


Ranking Speakers Bureau websites: The good, bad, and ugly

…Web Ink Now

Why Tactics Without Strategy is a Recipe for Networking Frustration

…Personal Branding Blog    Sound advice. The strategy has to be in place before you engage the social networking space.

Army orders bases to stop blocking social media sites

…WebGuild    And to think that 4 years ago the Marine Corps had me stop blogging about events in Iraq. They’ve come a long way.

7 Free Twitter Backgrounds to Download and Customize


How To Protect Your Trademark During Facebook’s Domain Name Land Rush

…Silicon Alley Insider

M.insight: A Mobile App for PR Folks, Marketers (and You Too!)

…ReadWriteWeb    Tweeted about it yesterday as well as including it here. Worth another mention. Great app.

Q&A: Troy Norcross on Bluetooth marketing

…Econsultancy Blog

Why Twitter Is Killing Blogs And That’s Not A Good Thing

…Micro Explosion Media

Consumers want online content on their TVs – survey

…Econsultancy Blog

Employees linking work, social media

…Chicago Tribune

SEO and Search Marketing Tips- Search Like A Pro


Twitter…Top or Opportunity?

…Howard Lindzon

2.8 Release Jazzes Themes and Widgets


A Copywriting Principle that’s Becoming Vital for SEO

…The Copywriter’s Crucible

Wagn 1.0 Blazes a Bold New Trail in Wiki Software


Social Media Today meets Madison Ave!

…Social Media Today   “…advertising is more fun when it is for a product you are personally involved with!” We could’ve told you that Josh! Congrats on the white paper.

The F Word

…Chris Brogan

WordPress 2.8 Now Available for Download


Social Media Club SFSV: Sonoma Bound on July 11, 2009!

…Social Media Club     Now, this is social media!

Facebook Vanity URLs: Journalists Don’t Have To Wait In Line


Our Responsibility To Our Communities

…Altitude Branding

Nambu Desktop App to Include Real Time Capabilities Via OneRiot

…ReadWriteWeb   This app has so much potential

Betaworks, Accelerator Group acquire majority stake in Twitterfeed


Betaworks Email To Investors: Read It Here

…TechCrunch   The list of companies in their portfolio make up a good part of daily Twitter use. Happy birthday TechCrunch!


Screenshots detail Snow Leopard interface tweaks


From NeXTSTEP to Cocoa

…OS News

Two new Mac attacks surface

…CNet News

Everyone Calm Down, You Won’t Have To Pay To Re-Download Apps On The iPhone


Is the Mac OS X 10.5.7 update causing you grief?

…The Unofficial Apple Weblog   The bluetooth mouse issues are driving me nuts!

No more greasy iPhone screens?

…MacFixIt    This is a welcome addition.

4 Reasons Why The iPhone App Store Is Bad News For Google

…Silicon Alley Insider

Apple Safari 4 Is Like Whole New Browser


Finally, A Secure iPhone Personal Health Record for Your Family

…Earth Times

OpenFeint 2.0 brings social discovery to the iPhone

…The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Despite the iPhone, It’s Still a 2G World

…Om Malik on Broadband

iPhone Augmented Reality

…Fast Company

Tweetube help you share video on Twitter


TwitterFon Pro: Tweet Harder, Tweet Smarter


iPhone 3G S In Depth: Why the ‘S’ means more than ‘Speed’

The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Here’s how to get tethering on any iPhone right now, no jailbreak, for free

9 to 5 Mac

Audio Tweeting with Big Stone Phone’s Twittelator Pro


How to Get iPhone OS 3.0 Now (Yes, Now)

…Fast Company

Video: iPhone Push Notification In Action With AIM

…TechCrunch   An invite was waiting for me in this morning’s email to test this. Hopefully before the end of the day I’ll get there. Looks pretty neat.

Nambu Desktop App to Include Real Time Capabilities Via OneRiot


It’s All About the Apple Ecosystem

…Sound Money Tips


US Attorneys Fishing For Tons Of Info On Anonymous Commenters


Scoble’s Building 43 Launching Tonight With Practical Tips For Businesses Stuck In The 90’s


Secrets those electronic stores don’t want to share


Google Wave Extensions: An Inside Look


An E-Book Upstart with Unlikely Fans


Ex-employee: ‘Hey Microsoft, your days are numbered’


Lightning strikes Amazon’s EC2


What five tools do you use to build 2010 websites (or would you recommend to businesses)?

…FriendFeed Robert Scoble

Will Microsoft’s Free Antivirus App be Worth the Price? (PC World)

…Yahoo News     Great headline!

Workplace Trends: The End of Cubicle Dwelling?

…Web Worker Daily

Qasper: Exceptional, Affordable Customer Experience Manager for …

…PC Magazine Blog

Open source will never do that…

…CNet News

Is Internet Access a Fundamental Human Right? France’s High Court Says Yes


“Run your home more like a business” with 37signals tools

…37 Signals

How Intuit managed to hold off Microsoft

…CNet News

The 2010 Web

…FriendFeed    Big day for Robert Scoble, Rackspace and Building43. Wish I could be there.

Google Native Client grows out of research phase

…CNet News

The real-world architecture of the internet cloud


Animating SVG with Canvas and Burst

…Ajaxian    There’s some really creative things going on in Web programming right now.

Google introduces Change of Address feature

…Econsultancy Blog

jQuery Tools


SMX Advanced Pagerank Sculpting and Javascript Linking

…Graywolf’s SEO Blog

Can Scraping Non-Infringing Content Become Copyright Infringement… Because Of How Scrapers Work?


Yahoo Application Platform Apps Go Live


Microsoft will soon unveil free anti-virus software

…Reuters  Since their platform pretty much sustains the space…

Student challenges prof, wins right to post source code he wrote for course


Journalism, Newspapers, Magazines, Writing

Simon & Schuster to Sell Digital Books on Scribd.com

…NY Times

Newspapers don’t need Michael Wolff (but Newser needs them)


An E-Book Upstart with Unlikely Fans


Useful links about writing plain English

…Bad Language

I play on my computer and online


The New York Times Explains Why It Prints Old News

…Sound Money Tips

The Daily Show On The New York Times (CLIP)

…Silicon Alley Insider

Aged comedy


Business, Finance, Money

Mortgage Insurers to the Rescue? (Consumer Action)

…Smart Money

Cross-selling for small businesses

…Accounting Web

The Soul of Money – A Book Review

…About Freelance Writing

5 Steps to Marketing New Products

…More Business

The 5 New Enterprise Apps You Should Be Developing Now

…eWeek      A very good list.

Credit Free Economy: A Plausible Alternative, Part I

…Seeking Alpha   Interesting perspective

Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News

…Seeking Alpha

Aspen Institute Taps Business for Social Change


Kiva to start micro-lending in the US


U.S. Retail Sales Out Today

…Sound Money Tips

2 Sports-Based Economic Indicators

…Sound Money Tips

Medicine, Health

A red-wine polyphenol called resveratrol demonstrates significant health benefits

…Science Blog

State-Run Insurance Cooperative Plan Reshaping Debate on the Hill

…Med Page Today

Why I Sneeze in Sunlight

…Mental_Floss Blogs

Doctor and Patient Medicine in the Age of Twitter

…NY Times

Couples in Good Relationships Sleep Better

…MedicineNetDaily   Did they include menopausal couples in that study???

Finding May Lead to Vaccine for Traveler’s Diarrhea

…MedicineNetDaily    An end to Montezuma’s Revenge? Oh happy day!

Another Example Of Patents Putting Lives At Risk


Notable and Quotable – Two Major Reform Issues

…Medinnovation Blog

Get Better Information from Your Doctor by Setting the Agenda [Health]


5 Ways Gaming May Transform The Future Of Healthcare & Wellness

…Influential Interactive Marketing

Finally, A Secure iPhone Personal Health Record for Your Family

…Earth Times

Dying With Dignity

…Smart Money    Damn good question!

WHO Declares Swine Flu Pandemic


AMA: Health information technology help for physicians

…Kevin, M.D.

It’s the Waste, Stupid.

…Health Care Blog

Decoding “The Social Life of Health Information”

…The Health Care Blog

Creative Problem Solving Enhanced by REM Sleep


Help Congress Write a Health Care Bill On MixedInk

…Social Media Today

A new treatment for cancer?

…MetaFilter    Snake oil or does it really have potential? If I was a melanoma patient I’d sure want to know.

Why don’t drug companies use Twitter?

…Kevin, M.D.

Health information is social, and is everywhere

…Health Populi

Pew study: More patients turning to the Web

…CNet News    A lot of medical practices just don’t get this.

Look Out! Computers Have Unseen Risks


How I’ve missed the AMA….

…Health Care Blog

Ten top medical blog posts, May 2009

…Kevin, M.D.

The Fight Over Drug Data Mining


Savings for Small Business in Health Plan

…NY Times


Hang out your Sharpie shingle

…Sharpie Blog

Consumers Behaving Badly: Is Design to Blame?

…Fast Company

Must-Have Utensils for the Minimalist Kitchen [Eat To Live]


I Was A Marine Sniper

…Jarrett’s Blog    This is some interview!

Woman who Missed Air France Flight 447 Killed In Car Crash

…Inquisitir   Talk about karma!

Your Invitation Is Not in the Mail

…NY Times

Dr Seuss, but not as you know him


The Seven Types of Bookstore Customer


1 dress – 365 days
…MetaFilter     Pretty creative charity promotion

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