What’s on your Lifestreaming app wishlist?

by Gregg on March 31, 2009


A lot, I mean a whole lot, of people would pay for this app. I haven’t seen skimmer yet but I have been experimenting with EventBox.

It’s got a nice interface, it’s easy to look at for extended periods, but there’s no real way to filter all of those streams in the way that I would like. Imran raised similar objections My Lifestreaming App Wishlist. (By the way, Web Worker Daily is always a good read. If you do a lot of web work, add it to your reading list. I don’t think you’ll regret it.)

The five additional features are must haves and a great list for EventBox and skimmer to start looking at. And it’s a very good list to study for someone who is looking to get into that market. It’s still very early on for Lifestreaming apps.

I like the idea of a “relevance” filter and I’d probably like to see filters along the lines of what Facebook is starting to implement across all of my streams. And part of what that would entail is something along the lines of tags in some of the other services as well as Facebook.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see every post to the stream (Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, MySpace, pick your stream), be it text, audio, picture or video, filtered on the tag or tags of your choosing? That just seems like it would be the best way to participate in and monitor conversations.

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