Web Media Daily – Sat. June 20, 2009

by Gregg on June 20, 2009

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Being Strategic and Hating People – Video Book Reviews

…Chris Brogan

How not to use Twitter: HabitatUK as a case study

…Social Media Today

A Brief Guide to Personal Branding using Social Media

…Social Media Today

Is Getting Clients on Facebook a Myth?

…Social Media Today

Gary Vaynerchuk uses social media to help grow his business – The Star-Ledger

…NJ.com             I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that headline.

In Case of Fire, Do Not Use Twitter [Pic]

…Mashable           Too funny!

Audience is King

…Chris Brogan

Twitter Will Make Money With Sponsored Direct Messages

…Silicon Alley Insider                News of this started to break yesterday. Looks like this might be what we’re in for. Our clients will like it.

Internet ©rapshoot: How Internet Gatekeepers Stifle Progress

…Internet Evolution A very good piece from Cory Doctorow

How To Choose The Right Business Model and Keep It On Top

…Social Media Today

RE: Social Media and Student Recruitment

…Pat McGraw

The Cure for Social Media Fatigue

…Kristen Nicole

Is Facebook Now The Top Personal Branding Tool?

…Personal Branding Blog

Simple A – Z story about using social media for a fundraising campaign

…Jasmin Tragas    Slideshare              Terrific!

Connecting with customers through Facebook

…Social Media Today

The Extra Hurdle for Marketing Through Social Media: You Gotta Make ‘em Feel

…Social Media Today

Getting the Numbers Right

…Social Media Today

On the road to mediocrity

…Seth Godin

A Good Guide to Social Marketing

…Let the Good Times Roll        Guy Kawasaki links to a free PDF. I came across it a short while ago as well. Worth downloading.

Typing In an E-Mail Address, and Giving Up Your Friends’ as Well

…NY Times

The Tweet Heard ‘Round the World


The unintended consequences of Facebook-fear in the workplace

…Rex Hammock

Improve Web Search Results: Small Business Advice for Web Search Marketing

…TMC News

PR Landmines to Avoid: Part I

…Women Entrepreneur

The Customer Satisfaction Survey Snag



Smartphones Changing the Network

…Social Customer Manifesto

The “S” Should Stand for Smooth

…Joe Hewitt

It Really Should Have Been Called The iPhone 3G V – For Video


Elgan: Why the iPhone doesn’t matter


Steve Jobs Had Liver Transplant; Returning to Work in Days

…Mashable          The rumor mill keeps on churning. WSJ, TechCrunch, MediaMemo are reporting the same.

Microsoft Subsidizes iPhone 3G S

…Technologizer           Oh, sweet irony…

Resetting Visual Voicemail



The beginning of the end of the Kindle?

…Rex Hammock

Avoiding Latency in the Cloud

…Om Malik on Broadband

AdSense: The (Weak) Elephant in the Room


Microsoft to Revamp MSN Portal to Fully Integrate Bing

…Search Engine Journal

Flip Has Little Chance In An iPhone World

…Tech Crunch

Widgetizing The Web: Widgetbox Hits 500 Million Impressions A Month


Journalism, Newspapers, Magazines, Writing

Adding value in the new news ecosystem


Shouldn’t a Memphis or Nashville reporter be tracking down the local angle of the Steve Jobs liver transplant?

…Rex Hammond            Amen huh?

The responsibility of knowledge in news


A Little Late June Weekend Link Love

…Freelance Writing Jobs

Business, Finance, Money

FledgeWing Allows Student Entrepreneurs to Find Mentors, Capital, Collaborators


Why the Fed Isn’t Igniting Inflation


The 7 Myths of Selling for Smaller Firms

…Sales Machine

Medicine, Health

Eight Signs that Wellness and Prevention have become Health Reform Priorities

…Health Care Blog

10 President Obama posts you may have missed

…Kevin, M.D.


A Home Office for Two

…Web Worker Daily

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