Web Media Daily – Wed. June 17, 2009

by Gregg on June 17, 2009

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The intern trap

…Church of the Customer Blog

Why I Hate Social Media


Yet another Twitter search company to go public June 18


Tips For Using Social Media in Your Job Search


Bilingual Social Networking: How to Interact in More than One Language

…Web Worker Daily

Facebook hit by privacy blow

…Financial Times

Q&A: Kodak’s Jeffrey Hayzlett on Twankers and Kodak’s social media presence


Broadcasters in a Social Media Bind


Twitterfeed Gets An Overhaul, Adds Analytics


And we’ll tweet at the end of the tour

…Guardian            What a scorching the 140 Conference gets here.

Communication without messaging

…Herd        Pretty cool way to communicate what they’re trying to.

Will PR Firms Survive The Social Media Avalanche?

…Web 2.0 Journal

Are Your Analytics Causing You to Lose 30% of Your Sales?

…Conversion Rate Marketing

Facebook’s New Search Feature Reminds Us Of Twitter

…Fast Company

Facebook Enabling Users To Post Updates To Everybody

…All facebook

The API revolution


Gratis is Good: Socialcast Makes its SaaS Enterprise Platform Free

…ReadWriteWeb                 Great tool!

Brands on Twitter: When silence is the best policy


7 Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies


The 10 Most Creative People in the Web Business

…Fast Company

Seth Godin: Basecamp is “the perfect tool” for coordinating teams

…37 Signals

Today’s bonus tracks: Making your Facebook fan page shine

…Smart Blog on Social Media

It’s the cars, not the marketing

…Smart Blog on Social Media

Who’s Investing In Twitter Startups?

…Silicon Alley Insider

YouTube Marketing Director Bolts For Ning

…Silicon Alley Insider

Twitter Inspires a Dedicated and Thriving Startup Economy

…Social Media Today

4 Ways to Increase Share of Voice

…Social Media Today

Where Does Real-Time Matter? In Viewing the Stream or Searching It? (Facebook Bets on the Latter)


Clay Shirky makes my day

…Richard Stacy    Two of my favorite people here.

You don’t need an MBA, you need OCD


A Sneak Peak At Facebook’s New Search Engine (SCREENSHOT)

…Silicon Alley Insider

How to Value Your Following on Twitter

…Personal Branding Blog

10 #Networking Tips for Tweeters


Why Twitter Mobile Apps Don’t Interest Me

…Social Media Today

Self-Indulgence: The Future of the Fearless Blogger

…Social Media Today

Web Startup that Merges “Social CRM” with “Real-Time Stream” Functionality Chosen as a Finalist Winn

…CRM Directory

Advertising vs. PR: What pays off?


Socialcast Offers New Freemium Version Of Its FriendFeed For The Enterprise


Twitter goes literary with Ulysses performance (Reuters)

…Yahoo News

Tune Up Your Personal Message

…Chris Brogan

SugarSync Makes File Syncing More Social



…Seth Godin

Interview with a Social Media Consultant – How do you teach your clients?


Hotels Are Jumping on the Social Media Bandwagon

…BNet Travel

Passion versus Pay versus Profile: Blogging deal or no deal?


The Cost (and Payoff) of Investing in Social Media


Relevance makes the difference for display ads: report


Phase 4 Of Facebook’s Systematic Attack On Twitter: The Everyone Button


Is Twitter The CNN Of The New Media Generation?


HOW TO: Conduct Live Polls via Twitter and SMS


Look Who’s Talking Now

…Facebook Blog

Twitter. Needs. Competition.

…Scripting News

Message to publishers: social media is now your business | Josh Gordon

…Ad Sales Blog

Sub.DiggerPlus Finally Makes Digg’s Social Network Useful; Too Bad People Are Afraid to Use It


Online Reputation Management As Seen From The Outside


Marketers should design emails for mobiles: survey


Hitting The Social Media Sweet Spot

…Social Media Today

Facebook Starts Testing New Version Of Search, It’s A Huge Upgrade

…All Facebook

TweetDeck iPhone App vs Tweetie: Twitter App Smackdown


Twitter Event Suite Solves Planning Twubbles



iPhone 3.0 Problems? Here’s the Solution


Apple Fail: iPhone 3.0 OS update breaking some phones

…Inquisitir            Ouch!

iPhone 3G S Is Slick, Here’s the First Hands-on Vid to Prove It

…Fast Company

The iPhone’s New Navigation Weapons


Have A “Cheap” iPhone 3G Plan? Don’t Expect A “Cheap” iPhone 3G S Upgrade.

…TechCrunch     Be nice if they’d make up their damned mind!

Apple Can’t Handle iPhone 3.0 Upgrade Demand

…Silicon Alley Insider       Fortunately, I wasn’t one of them. Mine went off without a hitch.

iPhone 3.0: It’s Here!


iPhone 3G S review


AT&T network not ready yet for all Apple iPhone 3G S functions

…USA Today

Hands On with Mac OS X Snow Leopard (Developer Preview) [Mac OS X]


MLB.com Streams Live Baseball Games to the iPhone


PDF How-To: Remove Pages, Reorder Pages, and Combine Mutiple Documents

…The Apple Blog

iPhone 3.0 Arrives Today: What You Should Know


BlackBerry is still leader of the pack


Neat New Snow Leopard Tricks [Apple]


TweetDeck Comes to the iPhone: Impressive, Unstable


25 Features iPhone OS Still Needs


Fear Not, U.S. iPhone Fans, The 3.0 Update IS Coming Today



Google to Bing: We’re a Decision Engine Too!

…Mashable           Say what?

Opera 10 Is Going to Piss Off Some Very Important People

…Fast Company

Innovating Innovation: The Best Ideas Can Come From Anywhere

…Fast Company

PHOTO: Neat infographic: A beat-by-beat breakdown

…37 Signals   Very cool!

Bing Keeps Growing: Has Microsoft Finally Cracked Search?


Congressman Files Bill to Stop Tiered Broadband Pricing

…Om Malik on Broadband

Google Apps Sync Disables Outlook Search

…Microsoft Office Outlook Blog      Oops! Imagine that!

Why Is the PC vs. Mac war still raging?

…Network World

How to Kill Your Addiction to Google Search and Get More Productive

…Fast Company

5 Tips for Netbook Buyers

…Web Worker Daily

Should You Upgrade to the Pre?

…Shifted Librarian

Wired’s First “Geeks in Suits” Event Was Great


Open Codecs, Open Video


YouTube Costs Google Much Less To Run Than You Think

…Silicon Alley Insider

12 Components that Reshaped the PC


The rise of the branded netbook?


Yeah, What Is A Browser Anyway?


Mapping Meaning: How MercyCorps Uses Google Maps


Amazon Releases Kindle Source: Prepare for Kindle Clones


How to Pitch to a VC or Angel


Oh Duncan, if Opera Unite is the future then we’re going back in time


The power of emotional contagion

…Presentation Zen

Get Tgethr: A Simple Email Collaboration Tool


Journalism, Newspapers, Magazines, Writing

Embracing Social Media as a Job Search Tool

…Freelance Writing Jobs

MLB.com’s iPhone App Could Be a Model For Media Saving Itself


The future of the newsweekly (is bleak) (July/August 2009)

…Rex Hammock

Beautiful words


Words from invented languages


Freelance Writing Jobs Wednesday June 17, 2009

…About Freelance Writing

Usability Library


Delegation Happens: Working with Friends Can Be Dangerous

…Liz Strauss

It’s time for Newspapers to put out, or shut up about Google


Writing the Century

…Daily Writing Tips

Business, Finance, Money

Amazon Associates To Pull Out Of North Carolina Due To “Unconstitutional Tax Collection Scheme”

…TechCrunch            I suspect this is going to happen in more and more states with budget shortfalls being what they are.

Obama Sets Vast Regulatory Shift


Living With the Real Time, Now, Generation

…Sound Money Tips

The Meaning of “Life Inc.”–a Conversation With Author Douglas Rushkoff

…Fast Company

Consumer price index: Largest drop in 59 years


A $15,000 tax credit for *all* homebuyers?


New Financial Cops on the Way

…Sound Money Tips

Sell More by Saying Less


Feds Call for Consumer Financial Protections


Medicine, Health

How to Strategically Cut Your Healthcare Bill [Saving Money]


The Dumbest Thing I Have Ever Seen An Insurance Company Do

…Health Care Blog

Reform School


Why this private health insurance CEO is against a public plan

…Kevin, M.D.

Sepsis Treatment Offers Lifesaving Potential

…Medicine Net

Little Steps Add Up to Major Reductions in Blood Pressure

…Medicine Net

On Health Reform, Obama Faces a New Foe: Other Democrats

…Health Care Blog

THCB transforms the New York Times, makes offer!

…Health Care Blog

Do you miss old-fashioned journals at the medical library?

…Kevin, M.D.

Health care costs for dummies: some costs you might not have thought about

…Health Populi

The Journal of Participatory Medicine

…Health Care Blog

Do physician quality measures tell patients who’s a good doctor?

…Kevin, M.D.

Prostate deaths ‘a postcode lottery’ with mortality rate five times higher in some areas of England

…Daily Mail Online                 Same for the states?

Skip Breakfast, Get Fat

…Medicine Net

How small businesses, employees can survive health insurance cuts

…Wallet Pop

Have a Purpose in Life? You Might Live Longer



Why Ugly Sells

…Fast Company

Road Rage: Where Your City Ranks


What Remote Workers Do Worst

…Web Worker Daily

Bing’s 13 jobs for retirees


Is There a Virtual Worker Personality?


Fresh Air interviews Woody Allen

…Scripting News

bTrendie offers shopping bargains for mothers (invites)


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